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Love, Pearl

Her Captain and Commander

Her Captain and Commander

Series: MS Aphrodite, Book 1
Genres: Erotic Romance, Romance

The captain of her body—and the commander of her heart

When she’s told she’ll never make partner at her firm, Kimberlee Tuckmann decides she’s done being the unassertive and compliant employee.  She needs to become a confident, self-assured version of herself, and what better way than embracing her sexuality? When her friends invite her to come along on a sex-themed cruise, Kimberlee is ready to start exploring all the pleasure her body has to offer. But she can’t do it alone…

Captain Johan Thorstad only has one rule: don’t get involved with the passengers. And for 8 years, he’s never had a problem sticking to it. No one held a candle to his late wife. But Kimberlee tempts him more than any woman he’s ever met. Desire he can handle. Falling in love is something else entirely…

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