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Pearl lives in the American Southwest, surrounded by the gorgeous high desert. A world, on the surface, quite different from the stunning Caribbean she writes about. But, in reality, both settings offer amazing vistas of life on earth.

From an early age, Pearl fell in love with romance novels, keeping her home stuffed with books so she’d never be without. She lived with an underlying worry that she’d finish a book without having another immediately available to begin. When Amazon opened, she bought so many books that by Christmas the fledgling company sent her special tumblers as a thank you for her voluminous purchases. Pearl started her reading journey with historical romances, then ventured into all the romance genres, thrilled by the skill and creativity of extraordinary authors. Something about these fabulous stories spoke to her need for joyful endings, where people find their happily ever after.

Cruising became another passion in Pearl’s life. For her, nothing provided more healing and delight than spending time afloat our liquid blue planet. She loves sea days as much as port times. Happiness is being on a ship watching the endless ocean flowing by and feeling the cabin rock her to sleep. Sailing became an additional opportunity for her to explore new worlds, enjoy new cultures, and savor new foods. Like Kimberlee, Pearl gets to know new people and new places through their eyes and their foods. While most folks hate wasting time in airports, she sees these cavernous spaces as a unique way to watch human life unfold in all its marvelous distinctiveness.

Pearl has a master’s in speech pathology and doctoral work in educational psychology. With this background, she’s taught learning-challenged children, worked in management consulting, and started her own company assisting managers lead corporate change. Throughout the years, writing romances remained a dream, which has now become a reality.

For the past forty years, Pearl has practiced mindfulness meditation. And for the past twenty years, she’s taught meditation to both beginner and experienced meditators. Her life and meditation have become intimately entwined.

Please let Pearl know how you liked Her Captain and Commander. And be assured, book two, Room Service for Emma, is on its way in the growing M.S. Aphrodite Series.